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Review of Lenovo Laptops

Review of Lenovo Laptops

written by: creativewriter2

Technology has advanced so much and there have been many brands trying to outdo each other by releasing new products to the market every often. Lenovo is one such leading brand and they are known for user centered and performance oriented products. They are known for high class products and they offer a wide range for all types of users. They have basic laptops for family use, gaming notebooks for those who prefer higher performances and multimode stylish devices. Getting a Lenovo laptop online has become so easy and convenient and at a good price for sure. Online sites have more varieties in terms of prices, designs, features, colors and brands.

Lenovo have various series such as Z series, Y series, Yoga laptop series, S series, G series, Flex series, A series, T series, W series, L series, X series and B series. The ThinkPad 10 laptop is versatile and striking business tablet that has many accessories to promote productivity. It offers a keyboard dock and hardware upgrades that are much better. It allows note writing and chart drawing on the display and its compatibility with the desktop dock allows one to use it as a desktop computer anywhere.

The tablet which is 10.1 inches wide is preferred for daily usage due to its battery life that is above average. It goes for a price of $599 ranging to $868 and it’s more affordable as compared to other competitive brands in the same tablet category. It has a functional slate and a classy design with a classy and simple back. It weighs 1.3 pounds and it is light and thin making it compact and portable. It delivers sharp and detailed images and it has speakers mounted on its back that give accurate audio output. It comes with a stylus of 5.5 inches.It has many ports such as an audio jack of 3.5 millimeters, volume rocker, micro HDMI port and a slot for microSD card. It also has a USB port on the left and a power connector. The keyboard dock offers a typing experience that is efficient and comfortable though some keys are undersized and would be considered small. The camera captures bright, quick and sharp images and it has a resolution of 1080p. Generally the ThinkPad 10 shows major improvements from the previous models and it has friendly features that are recommendable for business purposes. It currently ranks high among other tablet brands in the market. Again, Lenovo hasn’t disappointed in terms of quality.

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