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Asus Gadgets

Asus Gadgets

written by: calypso182

Asus laptops are considered to be tough; I have personally tried their laptops and have had a good experience with them over the years.

Despite having minor problems especially with the modifications and upgrades on the drive, the Asus laptops are remarkably resilient, and can withstand the number of uses. 

Because of several years of good experience using this gadget, I have decided to continue purchasing their products. 

One of the main strengths of Asus is the fact that it can withstand the test of time; it is compatible with Windows 7, even other editions and previous editions. 

Other features like the reliability with the drop test have also made this gadget on top of my list. I am prone with dropping gadgets and while my Asus laptop sustained a chip on the side, it was still able to maintain its function, the monitor after getting dropped was also able to stay intact. 

Asus brands have undergone immense pressure testing before they get released; all of the products are tested and installed with anti-shock hard drive which means that they can withstand the test of time.
The only problems I had with ASUs are the keyboard, they are a bit harder to clean, and they easily get detached. But the good thing about them is that they can easily be repaired and replaced. The latest versions of the keyboard are now spill proof and also have aluminum alloy reinforced construction.

The latest technology of Asus products will also include fingerprint readers, smart card support and the Intel is now easily traceable with the help of Anti-theft technology. It is now easier to trace the stolen laptops because of this technology. Not to mention, the battery also comes with a 3 year life warranty and is stronger than the traditional Li-ion battery which means you can use them for a much longer time, without needing to replace it immediately.

The product makers have also made sure that the new ASUS products are user friendly with the help of new features like ASUS Power Station II, with expansive connectivity. 

Product makers of ASUS, has improved the new batch of products considerably, and this is helping the brand become a steady name in the technology business. More people trust the brands and it is now able to infiltrate various markets especially in Asia like the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam as well as Cambodia due to the competitive features and prices. 

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