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What to look for in the best Smartphone’s today

What to look for in the best Smartphone’s today

 written by: dreamwriter The need for better communication has led to growth and development of communication devices with high technological features. The smart phone today combines the features of a basic cell phone, computing and internet technologies. These are made available by various product manufacturers and program developers who ensure the needs of majority are addressed through their innovative and creative designs. They are equipped with intelligence, data processing and visual display screens. Having hit the market in the year 1993, Smartphone have recorded tremendous growth with today almost every mobile phone user owning some king of Smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy s5 is among the latest entrants in the field of Smartphone’s. A product of Samsung Company, the Smartphone comes with enhanced features which include an evolved camera which enables the user to get much better and clearer snaps. Its main feature that is lacking in other devices is the health app that allows the users to track their health and fitness more effectively. This includes a heart rate monitor at the back of the phone. This is alongside its fingerprint scatter that enhances the security of the phone.

Specifications for the Samsung s5 are good to go by. With a 2.5 GHz quad-core processor enhanced by a 2GB RAM the phone has high processing capabilities which makes it ideal to process information, browse the internet and share files at the split of a second. It comes with a 2800mAh rechargeable battery with enough capacity to handle and support all the activities required by the user. It also comes with a 32 GB internal storage memory and can support up to 128 extra GB through a MicroSD. Display is one of the most essential components of a phone and it is for this reason that the phone is installed with 5.1 inches vibrant screen which has added biometrics. It is available in various versions which come to give the consumer a wider taste and they include the s5 LTE-A version and the s5 prime.

With the introduction of Samsung Galaxy s5, it is evident that more and more technological features will continue to be enhanced to cater for the ever growing needs of the consumer. They are also created with capacity to withstand external forces such as shocks, humidity and high temperatures thus allowing usage in varying circumstances. It is evident that this is not the last of the Smartphone’s as more and more will continue to hit the market with better and advanced features to cater for the growing demand.

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